All in the Crafting

I love to do crafts. It is one of my weaknesses. Crochet, papier mache, full figurines, cross stitch… the list could go on. I am one of those people who actually do the crafting pins they pin on Pintrest. That was a lot of pins. I had considered doing several other New Year’s Resolutions, including 52 new projects (seeing a pattern?) and 52,000 puzzle pieces, but I only have so many hours in a day. I still need to craft though! So instead of 52, as I finish a project, I plan on posting it. If it is a pin, I will link back to the original that I got it from.

Crocheting is a current passion. I have several different plans for this, as I would like to sell my items on Etsy or something. I have a dozen scarves sitting in my closet that need to move! I also have two containers that are full of yarn. All in all, I have forbidden myself from buying more yarn until I run out of stock.

Cross Stitch. I have stitched for the past fifteen years. My grandmother made beautiful mermaids with the medium and I wanted to as well. So I started my journey stitching a lighthouse. Through a lot of trial and error on that little piece of fabric I gained some really good insight on how to make my patterns look amazing. About seven years ago my grandma had to give up stitching because of her hands. I know have 16 patterns that need to be finished. I do have a goal of finishing three of these patterns this year.

Halloween Crafts. I love Halloween. It is probably my second favorite holiday, closely following Thanksgiving. Last year I mad a 7′ Reaper, seven papier mache pumpkins, a witches bookcase, apothecary bottles, spell books, and an assortment of other little projects to make my Halloween party super spooky. It took me two months and I wasn’t able to make everything I wanted. Now that I am in an apartment I am further limited with the amount of crafts I can make, but I plan on making several smaller things this year.

Soap and body products. This is a skill I taught myself last year and I love it. There is so much room for experimenting! My sister and I made spa baskets for our family Christmas presents and everyone loved them. It was a refreshing change from cookies and chocolate. It was so wonderful that my sister and I are thinking about making it an actual business. There is a lot of competition in this area, but if we make a good product we are part of that competition.

Last, but certainly not least, chocolate. This is my area of expertise. I have been working with chocolate for the past five years now. Until this spring everything I have done and learned has all been self taught. This is something I am very proud of as I have been told by multiple people (not related to me) that I compete with some of the professional chocolatiers they have tasted. Now I am in a certification program to take my chocolate crafting to the next level. Be aware that a large amount of my crafting posts will about chocolate.

I want to do crafting posts as I am in process and finished with different crafts. Somethings I will only post the finished project, as I am already in the middle of the project and can’t start from the beginning. Others, as I start, learn new skills, and finish, I will keep an update on it. Happy crafting!


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