The Start of a New Year

Yes, I know this is late, but I do what I can. In December 2015 I decided I wanted to make 2016 different. Instead of the usual New Year’s Resolution of losing weight, yada yada, I would do something meaningful. So I chose a few different things.

One: Watch 52 movies you have never seen. So far I have only seen three new movies; Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Terminator. I need to get on it if I want to make 52 by the end of the year.

Two: read 52 books you haven’t read. At this point I am two in. Feverborn, by Karen M. Moning and a western romance, Defiant by Patricia Potter. If you are interested in a modern fantasy romance, look into the Fever series by Moning. The first book is Darkfever. Beware, the main character is 20-something and acts like a 20-something. I am currently reading Blogging for Dummies by Susan Gunelius, The True History of Chocolate by Sophia and Michael Coe, and Get It Done by Sam Bennet.

Three: Finish business plans for the two businesses I would like to develop. Both of those are in process right now and I will let you know how they progress. I don’t want to say much now since I don’t have enough in place to move forward with either of them.

Four: Reduce, reduce, REDUCE! Having just moved to Texas, away from all my family and friends, I realized we have way too much stuff and I have to many projects going. My biggest goal this year is to finish my projects and either display them or get rid of them. On top of that, I am not buying things we either do not need or add to my pile of projects. A month in and I have done pretty well. My only impulse buy were several polycarbonate chocolate molds. While I didn’t “need” them right now, I will in a few weeks. Other than that, its been food, cleaning things, and my new uniforms (why can’t we all wear the same colored scrubs?).

Five: Start a blog. Check! Actually it is start a second form of income, whether through Etsy or a blog of some sort. Along with my reducing, I needed a way to get rid of my finished projects and a creative way to outlet some of my thoughts that whirl away in my head. Etsy and blogging sound pretty good to me.

These five things were more meaningful to me than basic things like giving up soda or fast food, or trying to lose x amount of weight. While I do want to do healthier things my resolutions needed to be something I would be much more excited over. So, roll with me as I start this new journey into my New Year’s Resolutions.


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