Game On!

I am competitive. Not the mean, I am going to kick you if I lose, competitive, but more of a this is fun I am going to win, competitive. But, I hate to lose. Fitness has never been something I win at. I don’t run (usually), I sort of like to lift weights, but I really only like squats, and I find gyms to be boring. Martial arts and pole dancing I enjoy, but I like them more in a class setting, which requires money. I also need added incentive, like money, or sweets I don’t have to make, or alcohol. You can imagine my reaction when one of my sisters invited me to play the game The Game On Diet with her. I get to be competitive, supportive, and, in most games, there is a prize at the end (to be determined by the group participating in the game). All my favorite things.

Now, without going into the nitty gritty, if you want to play that game I suggest all players read the book and then, as a group, you sit down and has out the rules. Turns out I was playing by some very different rules than the rest of the teams playing. That one game destroyed my husband’s desire to ever play the game again. I played it with minimal success another time and I am not particularly enamored with the game. I think this has more to do with the teams I played with (usually 2-3 people made up a team and your combine points contributed to your score) and the fact that there never was a tangible reward has put the damper on my spirit.

So, where am I going with this? Tony and I have challenged each other to a walking competition. The goal is to walk 30 miles in a week first. The pay off is, the winner gets a bottle of wine and has the choice to either pick the date night movie, or not. I hate deciding what to watch! This is good incentive for me to do what I need to do without the focus being on my weight. Let’s face it, who hates a weight loss challenge? The answer being, everyone.

Come on everyone, let’s kick those nasty “weight loss” goals, the ones that make you feel bad about yourself for no other reason than society (aka the media) has dictated one form is the best. Let go of those numbers that you measure every week (or day) that tell you if you are doing it “right”. Let’s move the focus to something more important, which is actually getting active because you want to move and feel better, you like what you are doing, and you are engaging with others who like it, regardless of your weight and waist size.

I am putting my foot down against working out to get skinny (unless you like the gym and treadmill, then have at it), and gunning for being active because I feel good, like what I am doing, and want to do more. And a bottle of wine!

Let me know what you like doing in the comments and whether it is for feeling better or for getting skinny. As a side note, I am not bashing people who are getting fit so they can get skinny, but I suggest looking for a more sustainable reason. It is really easy to slide back once you reach your “goal”.


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