A New Year for Me

I just celebrated my 31st birthday! Yay me! Like most everyone else I tend to mark a new year by January 1st. This year, I am going to try things a bit differently. It seems like I use the new year as hype to try and launch whatever it is I want to do, then, like most, I fizzle out about two months in. So I am changing the game this time. My new year started with a new year for me.

What on Earth does this mean? It means that I am going to try and implement things without needing the societal proddings that everyone uses. That little electric jolt when we shout “Happy New Year” is great and all, but less meaningful in the long run.

I want to use this moment to make special note, this blog is for me and for fun. I enjoy writing for others to read and I enjoy hearing others opinions. I request that you be kind, as I will delete hateful, hurtful, or demeaning comments. I do plan on writing about a broad range of topics. I thought about forgoing hot button topics like politics, education, and religion, but these are all subjects I feel need to be discussed. I do plan on writing about much less heated topics as well. In April my husband and I will be welcoming an new little bean into the world. Household work, pregnancy, parenting, and pets will undoubtedly make an appearance on this blog too.

A short but sweet update. See you soon!